[CentOS] Bare metal vs. virtualization: Proxmox + Ceph + CentOS ?

Sun Mar 14 18:25:20 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Am 14.03.21 um 07:13 schrieb Nicolas Kovacs:
>> Now here’s the problem: it took me three and a half days of intense work
>> to
>> restore everything and get everything running again. Three and a half
>> days of
>> downtime is quite a stretch.
> What was the real problem? Why did you need days to restore
> from backups? Maybe the new solution is attached here?

I thought the same. What happened to your previous hardware?

First, using RAID1-6 you should not lose your storage so easily. So what
can happen:

a) hardware dies, disks are still fine -> move disks to new hardware and
only adjust settings for new hardware.
b) one disk dies, means no damage but need to replace disk.
c) hardware dies completely with all disks -> new replacement hardware

a and b can usually be handled quite fast, possibly have replacement parts
ready, c really happens almost never, really.

Then, why did it take so long to get up and running again?

One important thing to keep in mind is that trasferring data from a backup
can always take a lot time if there is lot of data involved. Restoring
multiple terabytes usually takes more time than one might expect. At least
me I usually forget that in my daily work and assume things should go fast
with modern hardware. That's not always true with todays storage sizes.