[CentOS] Bare metal vs. virtualization: Proxmox + Ceph + CentOS?

Mon Mar 15 12:41:30 UTC 2021
Blaž Bogataj <blaz.bogataj at zgs.si>



I'm using ProxMox as virtualization, from verson 2.x. For around 20
servers (most of them are Centos machines) for different services (Zimbra,
Apache, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, EDB, ..) and also for MS servers (AD,
Exchange, fileserver, MSSql Express, .). They all are running on 5-6 HW
servers, different brands and all of them are pretty old.

As backup use Synology NAS and nfs with 10gb fc to FC switch. So speed for
backup really is not a problem.

I slowly moving sata disks to ssd, in same hardware and this is really big
advantage in speed. In time of changing disks move virtual machines to
other hypervisors. 

HW Raid5 is really nice with ssd. In 3 years of changing to ssd disks only
one fail, but system running and change of disk without downtime ...

If I want to test, move, . backup and restore is not an issue. For this
year plan is to put one NAS to other location for disaster .


ProxMox and software defined storage on 4-5 machines I think for us is the
best solution. In point of maintaining there is no problem with upgrading
from one release to other - now is version 6.x. Only issue is probably my
knowledge how to put this together.


All the best