[CentOS] RHEL/Centos 8 power off issue

Mon Mar 29 08:22:48 UTC 2021
Łukasz Posadowski <mail at lukaszposadowski.pl>

On 2021-03-28 at 21:17 -0600, R C wrote:
> I have a laptop, in a docking station. When running RHEL/Centos 7
> I 
> could shut it down and power it off by using 'shutdown -h now' In
> did a 
> new install of Centos 8 (and also RHEL 8) and when I do a
> "shutdown -h 
> now" it just reboots (behaves the same as if I'd do a reboot).

You can check 'last -x' do ensure that You really send a shutdown
signal. Is it dell docking station, tha new one with usb-c? It
always powers on the laptop as soon I switch the power cord and
sometime reboots a laptop insted of shutting it down. It is my work
pc and I'm not allowed to boot Linux in any way, so I'm not sure if
it's a Windows thing, or the station itself is malfunctioning.

Łukasz Posadowski