[CentOS] Ruby on Cent OS 8

Tue Nov 16 06:16:56 UTC 2021
Karl Vogel <vogelke+centos at pobox.com>

>> In an earlier message, Gionatan Danti said:

G> The only thing stopping my adoption [of Oracle Linux] is Oracle
G> "the company".

    I've been using Oracle Linux in production for several years, ever
    since 6.8 came out -- it was easier at my job (US Air Force contractor).
    I never had problems with an installation, I was never asked any annoying
    questions when downloading the ISO, and I'm using 7.9 on my backup server
    at home.

    I might replace my home version, but only because I'm curious about
    other distributions, plus 7.9 would only fit on a double-sided DVD.
    (Yeah, I know all the cool kids use flash drives -- I'm old.)

G> But, maybe, it is an irrational fear...

   An "irrational fear" of Oracle the company is a contradiction in terms.

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