[CentOS] your thoughts on dnf-makecache

Mon Nov 8 08:59:55 UTC 2021
Götz Reinicke <goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de>


From time to time I see different errors for dnf-makecache in the logs. e.g. „Errors during downloading metadata“, „Couldn't connect to server for“, „Timeout was reached“, „Couldn't resolve host name " or „Operation too slow“.

In all cases, a restart of the service solves the „problem“ and in other cases the next run dose it.

Beside having the errors, our current service monitoring triggers in most cases a warning message, and depending on the solution recovers too, which makes me wonder what would be the best practice for such situation.

a) do I need dnf-makecache? Will it speed up things so much and makes package management much more easy, so having some errors is o.k.?

b) adjust the config for dnf-makecache, so it will trigger less errors?

c) adjust our monitoring to ignore some errors or be more soft with triggering warnings? 

C is the least preferred option right now.

What do you think, how do you handle dnf-makecache?

	Thanks for feedback and suggestions. Götz