[CentOS] IPv6 mailing list?

Wed Oct 27 14:28:48 UTC 2021
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

Can anyone recommend an end-user IPv6 mailing list? (A web forum would also 
be acceptable.)

I've been looking at available lists and they all seem targeted at backbone 
players and ISPs. I'm looking for something where we can report and resolve 
problems with our ISPs.

For example, I just got an AT&T business connection and the Edgemark fiber 
gateway doesn't provide RA or prefix delegation. It assumes the customer 
equipment is all leaf nodes that are statically-configured. It doesn't 
recognize RA from the customer, either. So I'm using ndppd (added to EPEL7 
this morning!) to proxy neighbor announcements through my CentOS7 

I have a backup/secondary C7 gateway and it got confused when the primary 
sent RA for the LAN-side subnet upstream to the common WAN link (via the 
radvd package) and the secondary added a default routing table entry 
pointing to the primary gateway instead of using its own 
statically-configured default gateway setting. That was a head-scratcher 
until I noticed my firewall logs on the main gateway showing dropped DNS 
packets from the secondary that should have been going to the ISP gateway. 
IPv6 DNS was failing on the secondary with timeouts (10 seconds!) and I 
couldn't figure out what was eating the packets.

So I'm wondering how multiple gateways sharing a link are supposed to 
cooperate and inform each other without confusing each other about the 
desired topology.