[CentOS] IPv6 mailing list?

Wed Oct 27 16:24:06 UTC 2021
Benson Muite <benson_muite at emailplus.org>

Maybe this is helpful:

There is a working group mailing list where you might get an answer:

Seminars on IPv6 that may be of interest:

IANA seems to manage IPv6:

There being no end-user IPv6 mailing list, it seems possible to set one up.

On 10/27/21 5:28 PM, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> Can anyone recommend an end-user IPv6 mailing list? (A web forum would 
> also be acceptable.)
> I've been looking at available lists and they all seem targeted at 
> backbone players and ISPs. I'm looking for something where we can report 
> and resolve problems with our ISPs.
> For example, I just got an AT&T business connection and the Edgemark 
> fiber gateway doesn't provide RA or prefix delegation. It assumes the 
> customer equipment is all leaf nodes that are statically-configured. It 
> doesn't recognize RA from the customer, either. So I'm using ndppd 
> (added to EPEL7 this morning!) to proxy neighbor announcements through 
> my CentOS7 gateway/firewall.
> I have a backup/secondary C7 gateway and it got confused when the 
> primary sent RA for the LAN-side subnet upstream to the common WAN link 
> (via the radvd package) and the secondary added a default routing table 
> entry pointing to the primary gateway instead of using its own 
> statically-configured default gateway setting. That was a head-scratcher 
> until I noticed my firewall logs on the main gateway showing dropped DNS 
> packets from the secondary that should have been going to the ISP 
> gateway. IPv6 DNS was failing on the secondary with timeouts (10 
> seconds!) and I couldn't figure out what was eating the packets.
> So I'm wondering how multiple gateways sharing a link are supposed to 
> cooperate and inform each other without confusing each other about the 
> desired topology.
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