[CentOS] [External] Re: Unexpected /etc/resolv.conf updates on CentOS 7

Thu Oct 14 06:44:24 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> On 13/10/2021 20:06, J Martin Rushton via CentOS wrote:
>> If you just want to tell NM to clear off and leave your resolv.conf
>> alone do the following:
> I might possibly be able to set up a workaround based on that, but it's
> not what I really want. Ideally I want NetworkManager to update
> resolv.conf, but only if it actually set up a new connection and/or got
> new information. Which is what it seemed to do in the past, but then
> something changed...

I'm not running CentOS 7 with NetworkManager so I could be wrong but,
isn't it possible to run DHCP internally in NM or use dhclient? If so, did
you really check that nothing has happened there like renewing of the
lease? And did you also check on the ethernet link level that it never
went down for a short period of time? Such things can happen in certain

Or, could it be that you have some software which interacts with
NetworkManager via dbus and therefore the problem happens?