[CentOS] snmpd[11277]: Duplicate IPv4 address detected, some interfaces may not be visible in IP-MIB

Wed Sep 29 14:00:41 UTC 2021
Thomas <thomas at plant.systems>


I have installed a new Centos 8 VM and trying to install net-snmp as I 
did already a 100 times. But this install is stressing me :-)
I get the error in the subject when starting the snmpd daemon. I am 100% 
shure that there is no duplicate address on this machine.
It has two IPv6 addresses in it's /64 range but the error speaks about 
IPv4. And it has just one IPv4 on the public interface and an internal 
IPv4 (private range) on its internal interface. Tried to create a new 
snmpd.conf file with "snmpconf -g basic_setup" but it gives always the 
same error.

Anybody had this problem already?

Thanks for any suggestions how to resolve this.