[CentOS] Looking for a RAID1 box

Thu Jan 5 13:09:15 UTC 2023
Michael Schumacher <michael_ml at gmx.de>

Hallo Kenneth,


> That has 2x 2.5 Gbps ports, which would be nice for a simple home router. Is there a 3x or 4x 1 Gbps version? I was considering a Firewalla with 4x 2.5 Gbps ports, as I have two ISPs for redundancy. (One is 1 Gbps symmetric.) But they're about 2.5x that price. Review:

Yes Sir,
there is an add-on board for the H3+, https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/h2-net-card/ that gives four extra 2.5GBps ports. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Michael Schumacher