[CentOS] RAID1 setup

Mon Jan 9 09:51:29 UTC 2023
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

On Mon, Jan 09, 2023 at 07:32:02AM +0100, Simon Matter wrote:
>> Continuing this thread, and focusing on RAID1.
>> I got an HPE Proliant gen10+ that has hardware RAID support.  (can turn
>> it off if I want).
>What exact model of RAID controller is this? If it's a S100i SR Gen10 then
>it's not hardware RAID at all.

Yes it is the S100i SR.  For HW RAID there is a e208i-p card available
that can use the single PCI slot.

Jon H. LaBadie                  jcu at labadie.us