[Ci-users] going beyond getting started

Wed Apr 13 07:51:03 UTC 2016
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

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On 12/04/16 21:07, Colin Walters wrote:
> Now my understanding is that we only have a non-root user on the
> slave VM, and so if we want to do anything that isn't already
> installed, we should call out to Duffy?

right, and you should not really be running any actual tests on the
slave vm, its shared amongst projects too.

> My first question is - has anyone tried out writing an Ansible
> dynamic inventory script for Duffy?  The demo
> https://github.com/kbsingh/centos-ci-scripts/blob/master/build_python_
is kind of obviously a poor man's Ansible =)
> I have 3 other questions about Duffy.  First, might be interesting 
> to investigate a configuration like this:
> http://www.projectatomic.io/blog/2015/05/building-and-running-live-ato
>  which basically runs out of RAM directly.  This model is
> particularly well suited to workloads like Duffy where you don't
> *actually* want the OS to be persistent on disk.  Using the disks
> as swap space instead of xfs/ext4 can be a dramatic speed
> improvement.  (A large part is ignoring fsync and journaling)

Is this for the speed to run tests, or are you optimising for speed of
redeployment of duffy nodes ?

> Beyond that, has any thought been given to also supporting e.g.
> OpenStack as a provisioning API? Or for that matter allocating a
> Kubernetes namespace or OpenShift project?

the PaaS SIG is working towards an openshift origin release, once that
comes through, we definitely want to have a openshift instance in
ci.centos.org infra for folks to consume.

> My workloads for Project Atomic are going to be pretty mixed
> across all of these actually.

The systemd guys ( daniel mack specifically ), also wrote a wrapper :


We should likely get all these listed up on the duffy wiki page, and
consolidate urls from there, we have a few different choices on
clients now.

in the near future, in terms of recommendations, we want to just move
to the cico client that DMS is working on, and away from that hack
python script.


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