[Ci-users] Automating accepting repository invitations for the centos-ci user

Sat Sep 8 19:18:33 UTC 2018
Jaime Melis <jmelis at redhat.com>

Hi there,

One of the pain points I have with using ci.centos.org is that
whenever you want to configure a new repository, you have to wait for
`centos-ci` to accept the invitation.

This can take a few days, and I usually have to create a bug in
bug.centos.org on behalf of the developers to raise awareness that
we're waiting for this.

I was wondering if we could improve this workflow.

I suggest we host a repo under `github.org/centos` with a yaml file
with whitelisted repositories. This way as soon as anyone with
permissions, such as Brian or KB, merges a PR that includes a new
whitelisted repo, it will trigger a job that automatically accepts
that repository invitation on behalf of the `centos-ci` user. I like
this workflow because merges can be done very quickly, and even from a
cell phone ;) It also provides a platform to discuss with the
developers in case there are any questions about the repo, etc, plus
added auditability, etc.

Note that the old workflow would continue to work, i.e. having the
repo in the whitelist file is not strictly required as invitations can
still be manually handled. But if users actually send a PR it will be
faster for them. Therefore, if we go forward, I suggest we add a note
in this doc about how to accelerate the accepting of invitations by
sending a PR:

I put together this script as a PoC:

What do you guys think?


Jaime Melis
Senior Software Engineer, OpenShift.io
Red Hat
jmelis at redhat.com