[Ci-users] Automating accepting repository invitations for the centos-ci user

Mon Sep 10 01:02:14 UTC 2018
Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com>

On Sep 08 21:18, Jaime Melis wrote:
> Hi there,
> One of the pain points I have with using ci.centos.org is that
> whenever you want to configure a new repository, you have to wait for
> `centos-ci` to accept the invitation.
> This can take a few days, and I usually have to create a bug in
> bug.centos.org on behalf of the developers to raise awareness that
> we're waiting for this.
> I was wondering if we could improve this workflow.
> I suggest we host a repo under `github.org/centos` with a yaml file
> with whitelisted repositories. This way as soon as anyone with
> permissions, such as Brian or KB, merges a PR that includes a new
> whitelisted repo, it will trigger a job that automatically accepts
> that repository invitation on behalf of the `centos-ci` user. I like
> this workflow because merges can be done very quickly, and even from a
> cell phone ;) It also provides a platform to discuss with the
> developers in case there are any questions about the repo, etc, plus
> added auditability, etc.
> Note that the old workflow would continue to work, i.e. having the
> repo in the whitelist file is not strictly required as invitations can
> still be manually handled. But if users actually send a PR it will be
> faster for them. Therefore, if we go forward, I suggest we add a note
> in this doc about how to accelerate the accepting of invitations by
> sending a PR:
> https://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/CI/GithubIntegration
> I put together this script as a PoC:
> https://github.com/jmelis/automate-invitations
> What do you guys think?
> cheers,
> Jaime
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This workflow looks ok to me. I don't mind accepting invitations this

Have you counted the number of Github API calls that
accept_invitations() makes? I'm curious if it would make 1 or more calls
per repo listed in the yaml file, that may be something we can optimize