[Arm-dev] Pine64 Support

Uli Middelberg uli at middelberg.de
Tue Jul 5 21:13:57 UTC 2016

Am 24.06.2016 um 21:03 schrieb Jim Perrin:
> On 06/24/2016 05:43 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> On 24/06/16 09:24, Uli Middelberg wrote:
>>> [1]
>>> https://github.com/umiddelb/z2d/tree/master/pine64#install-procedure
>> I
>> noticed the CentOS image is hosted at dropbox - Jim/Fabian: is there
>> anything blocking us doing the image builds on our monthly cycle and
>> hosting in centos.org space ?
> This image uses the vendor kernel and our userspace. I was attempting to
> keep a bit of distance from it as it's not 'official' because of the
> kernel. We could certainly run Uli's script as part of the monthly image
> builds, but we'd need to make sure there's documentation about how much
> we can actually maintain for it.


at this time, my script isn't just more than a proof of concept due to the
well known deviations. Before integrating it as part of the image build, I'd
like to discuss some considerations about the image and the way it could be
built [1] (and I should get to know more about the CentOS/ARM build

[1] https://github.com/umiddelb/aarch64/wiki/CentOS-on-ARM-SBC-design-considerations

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