[Arm-dev] EPEL 7 for ARM

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Jul 27 22:51:39 UTC 2016

On 27/07/16 15:30, Jacob Carey wrote:
> Hi all,
> About a year ago, someone posted here and asked if there were plans for CentOS to host a repository for EPEL7 for ARM. I can't find any more recent discussions so my question is - what can I do to help maintain/introduce such an auxiliary repository?

Fabian started working on it, with results here :
http://armv7.dev.centos.org/repodir/epel-pass-1/ its just a rpmbuild run
through all of epel at the time, i am sure he could use some help ( or
actually, I think it would be great to have someone from the community
space step up and just take ownership of this )


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