[Arm-dev] Community kernel 4.18.x

Pablo Sebastián Greco

pablo at fliagreco.com.ar
Wed Oct 17 16:08:56 UTC 2018

El 17/10/18 a las 11:47, Mark Verlinde escribió:
> Hi,
> Kernel 4.18.x brings nice features, CPUFreq for Allwinner H3 SOC's being among them.
> Therefore I had a go on updating to the community-kernel-latest version 4.18.14-200.el7 which failed;
> Dracut could not (re)build a intitramfs-4.18.14-.. and (probably because of this) uInitrd-4.18.14-.. was missing to.
> Unfortunately did not write the exact error message down; next time will do so.
Does /boot have enough space?, I usually try to have 3 kernels at most.
I've been using that kernel in 3 different SoCs without problems, 
including Bananapi M3 (same SoC as the cubieboard5)
> BTW: Update to Kernel 4.17.17-200.el7 was successful on my oragngepi-plus2e
> In my own interest i'd really want to help to debug this;
> but to be able to do this i need to understand in more detail how we boot Centos on our u-boot based SBC's.
> I got the broad picture: u-boot >> extlinux bootloader >> kernel >>
> Getting lost however looking at extlinux/extlinux.conf , grub/grub.conf and not knowing the content of boot.scr
You can ignore grub.conf and boot.scr, extlinux.conf is all you need
> Can somebody enlighten me on this, or show me some further reading.
> (I did search fedora's arm documentation without getting smarter..)
> Actually in response to "Cubieboard5 performance"
> (https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/arm-dev/2018-October/003515.html)
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