[Arm-dev] Community kernel 4.18.x

Mark Verlinde

mark at havak.nl
Wed Oct 17 14:47:44 UTC 2018


Kernel 4.18.x brings nice features, CPUFreq for Allwinner H3 SOC's being among them. 

Therefore I had a go on updating to the community-kernel-latest version 4.18.14-200.el7 which failed;
Dracut could not (re)build a intitramfs-4.18.14-.. and (probably because of this) uInitrd-4.18.14-.. was missing to.
Unfortunately did not write the exact error message down; next time will do so.

BTW: Update to Kernel 4.17.17-200.el7 was successful on my oragngepi-plus2e

In my own interest i'd really want to help to debug this; 
but to be able to do this i need to understand in more detail how we boot Centos on our u-boot based SBC's.
I got the broad picture: u-boot >> extlinux bootloader >> kernel >>
Getting lost however looking at extlinux/extlinux.conf , grub/grub.conf and not knowing the content of boot.scr

Can somebody enlighten me on this, or show me some further reading.

(I did search fedora's arm documentation without getting smarter..)

Actually in response to "Cubieboard5 performance" 

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