[CentOS-devel] reposync for CentOS 4

Sat Apr 28 19:18:33 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

jean-seb wrote:
> Maybe for Centos team :)

Firstly, there seems to be some confusion here - you are asking about 
the amountof work required to port python-2.x into centos-3 which is 
odd. Mainly because centos-3 already has a python-2.x.

> that's not the case for Gralinux AS3 (postfix/mysql come from RHAS4,
> php5 from RHWS)
> That's why I "lose" my time to backport things like python24, php5 for
> the old Gralinux; maybe this work could be
> useful to Centos ?

sure, we have a centos-plus repo, have you considered contributing to that ?

> RHAS3 (and Centos 3 of course) is a real good distribution, and very
> stable :) , so backport software to it is not a bad idea I think.

feel free to submit patches, CentOS as a distro will stay close to the 
distro-objective of being as close to upstream as is reasonable - 
however, being community and project driven there are enough alternative 
paths on offer to support 'divergent paths' as long as they remain 
'optional' to the user and their use is clearly defined.

> Maybe a little "survey" of "what Centos are you using" could be a good
> starting point to know if  Centos3 could have some backports?

I disagree. Surveys of this nature never really bring up a true picture 
of reality out there. We do have some reasonable idea of what percentage 
of the users are running C3, and trust me - compared to the number of 
people using CentOS-4/5 the -3 users are a very small number now.

But that does not mean we dont want to do anything with CentOS-3 anymore 
- so if you were to submit patches, they will get considered in the 
right repo/path.

- KB

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