[CentOS-devel] reposync for CentOS 4

Sat Apr 28 19:30:41 UTC 2007
jean-seb <jsh at interlug.net>

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Karanbir Singh a écrit :
> jean-seb wrote:
>> Maybe for Centos team :)
> Firstly, there seems to be some confusion here - you are asking
> about the amountof work required to port python-2.x into centos-3
> which is odd. Mainly because centos-3 already has a python-2.x.
python2.2 is in upstream. but some software need python24 (fail2ban,
zope, recent versions of yum? (<off topic>i hate yum ...</off topic>) )

>> that's not the case for Gralinux AS3 (postfix/mysql come from
>> RHAS4, php5 from RHWS) That's why I "lose" my time to backport
>> things like python24, php5 for the old Gralinux; maybe this work
>> could be useful to Centos ?
> sure, we have a centos-plus repo, have you considered contributing
> to that ?
Not yet (because of lack of time :)

>> RHAS3 (and Centos 3 of course) is a real good distribution, and
>> very stable :) , so backport software to it is not a bad idea I
>> think.
> feel free to submit patches, CentOS as a distro will stay close to
> the distro-objective of being as close to upstream as is reasonable
>  - however, being community and project driven there are enough
> alternative paths on offer to support 'divergent paths' as long as
> they remain 'optional' to the user and their use is clearly
> defined.
>> Maybe a little "survey" of "what Centos are you using" could be a
>> good starting point to know if  Centos3 could have some
>> backports?
> I disagree. Surveys of this nature never really bring up a true
> picture of reality out there. We do have some reasonable idea of
> what percentage of the users are running C3, and trust me -
> compared to the number of people using CentOS-4/5 the -3 users are
> a very small number now.
small .. very small??

> But that does not mean we dont want to do anything with CentOS-3
> anymore - so if you were to submit patches, they will get
> considered in the right repo/path.
> - KB

I need to maintain gralinux AS 3 for 2 years, so i will backport stuff
from RHAS3 / 5 on it.
I will consider your offer soon (could be usefull for the poor Centos3
users :)



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