[CentOS-devel] CentOS on the Asus Eeepc ...

Sun Sep 7 18:56:38 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Adrian.

> We talked earlier on IRC about the Asus Eeepc
> I think the idea was to start a wiki page with at least informations
> regarding the Eeepc.
> So here it is : http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Laptops/Asus/Eeepc (not linked
> from the CentOS on Laptops wiki page yet though , still a draft ;-) )

First, thanks for your work on Eee support.

> I had to modify the installer initrd.img to include the atl2.ko module for
> the wired nic to install from my local mirror .. where do i store it ? on
> the wiki page itself, as an attachment ? a simple link to a tmp space on my
> website ?
> I'm now wondering what's the best way to include the atl2.ko module during
> setup : a rpm that will be fetched from centos extras (?) or a simple
> driverdisk ?

I would suggest to use ddiskit as that's what it's meant to be for.

An option could be to build an RPM and to include it in an additional

Best Regards