[CentOS-devel] SRPMS for RHEL releases and updates

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Mar 24 17:23:52 UTC 2011

on 3/24/2011 9:49 AM Coy Hile spake the following:
> In looking at the various FAQs, I haven't seen an answer to this, so I
> thought I would pose it here.  Where/how do the CentOS maintainers get
> the SRPMS from the upstream vendor? The reason I ask is more a
> question of given DVDs of all the SRPMs, how does one go about
> spinning up an installable ISO?  I'm thinking from the perspective of
> rolling my own ISO until CentOS 6 came out.
> Thanks,
> -Coy
That is like asking " I have a scalpel, how do I do brain surgery in the mirror?"
Getting the scalpel is easy... It is the magic of actually producing a working
distro that is the difficult part. If it was easy enough for every one to do
it, it would already be out and sync'd to the mirrors.

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