[CentOS-devel] CentOS artwork repository redesign proposal

Jim Perrin jperrin at centos.org
Wed Oct 22 15:37:15 UTC 2014

On 10/15/2014 10:45 AM, Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
> On 10/14/14, Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org> wrote:
> ...
>> What is the workflow that you envision with this setup?
> I envision a workflow where graphic designers only need to run a
> command in order to propose variants of centos-logos packages (and
> other visual manifestations) with their own artistic motifs and
> normative specifications set by CentOS Project. For example:
> 1. Install the `idforge' package in your workstation. In this step you
> install the automation scripts holding the standard procedures needed
> to render and locale content.
> 2. Install the `idforge-models-centos' package in your workstation. In
> this step you install the specifications provided by CentOS Project
> needed to produce the centos-logos package and other visual
> manifestations.
> 3. Run `idforge prepare ~/MyWorkdir'. In this step you create the
> directory structure holding the configuration files idforge script
> needs to render content. This makes possible to render several visual
> manifestations by running just a single command.
> 4. Create your own artistic motif inside `~/Workdir/Motifs/Default'.
> In this step the graphic designer uses tools like GIMP, Inkscape and
> Blender to produce his/her artwork. By default, all final images
> should be stored in `~/Workdir/Motifs/Default/Final' directory but
> this can be customized using configuration files.
> 5. Run `idforge render ~/Workdir'. In this step you process
> configuration files to combine artistic motifs and normative
> specifications provided by CentOS Project. As result, you get branded
> images with artistic motifs as background on them.
> Initially, the files produced inside the working directory and the
> source files used to create them are not under version control. This
> might be useful in some circumstances but in others, it might be
> useful to init a git repository for each of them under git.c.o as
> well, so it is possible to establish contributions from several
> graphic designers.
>> From a packaging perspective ( the -logos package, wallpaper, and
>> anaconda) we're essentially swapping or adding images.
> Yes. The point is how and where we do this. Normally, someone uploads
> the artwork somewhere public on Internet (e.g., wiki.c.o, git.c.o,
> etc.) and then someone else downloads it from there to create the
> package using it. Even though this works, it doesn't describes the
> visual structure we need to rebuild the CentOS Project visual identity
> every time a new major release of CentOS distribution is published. I
> think it is necessary to describe our need first in order to be able
> of facing it.

There are two separate things we're discussing here. One is the workflow
to create distro artwork for major releases. What you've described isn't
currently how things are done, but there might be some potential in it.

The second is for users contributing background designs, sticker
artwork, etc. This doesn't seem to fit into your described model at all.

> The setup I'm proposing tries to describe the visual structure of the
> CentOS Project and distribute its construction based on community
> efforts and normative specifications provided by the CentOS Project
> itself.
>> Similarly, for a user who wants to contribute a new desktop design idea,
>> how do they contribute to this?
>> I don't currently see how someone like Andrew would be able to
>> contribute his addition and blender file into this setup easily.

> The work of graphic designers is the cornerstone of the setup I'm
> proposing. Graphic designers will be the ones proposing the next
> visual style the CentOS Project corporate visual identity will have.
> So it would be very good if they think about it when they propose
> their works. They don't propose only background images but a visual
> style that will be adopted as background in CentOS distribution,
> documentation, promotion, websites and whatever visual manifestations
> the CentOS Project defines inside idforge-models-centos package.

This sounds like a 'best case' plan that doesn't really reflect how
people are contributing. Going back through several months of artwork
contribution, it seems you're the only one even close to doing it this way.

> Also, graphic designers can contribute describing visual
> manifestations inside idforge-models-centos package. The work of
> graphic designers if very very important and we need a community
> effort from them in order to succeed in our goal of providing a brand
> new visual style for the CentOS Project corporate visual identity,
> acceptably in time.

Agreed, which is why I'd very much do not want to inflict needless

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