[CentOS-devel] Get rest of DogTag PKI matching RPMs for 10.3.3-14

Anthony Alba

ascanio.alba7 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 04:16:17 UTC 2016


Based on upstream we get a subset of DogTag RPMs 10.3.3 (for the use
of FreeIPA?).

In the C7 builds, is there access to the rest of the matching RPMs?
(I..e dogtag-*, pki-ocsp, pki-tks, pki-tps, pki-console)

@pki copr seems to move at a different pace: @pki/10.3.3 actually has
10.3.5 and @pki/epel-7.3 has 10.3.3-16.

- Anthony

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