[CentOS-docs] Samba

Wed Sep 3 05:30:57 UTC 2008
Will F. <will at digitaldev.com>

Hi guys,

Sorry for being MIA. Catching up on post-holiday (in the US) work. I'll start working on the basic howto and throw it up here for review. 

While I agree something like this may be "too simple" for many of us, I firmly believe that a large majority of the people browsing the howto section are going to be looking for something real basic. The people who want to deploy much larger and complex installations really need to be looking at the main documentation of the product, and not some canned solution. I'll go over the whole thread and reply where necessary.

If someone else would like to write this basic samba howto up, by all means go ahead (but let me know so we both aren't working on it) :)  I'm just throwing it up to the docs community.