[CentOS-docs] Initial list delay

Mon May 11 14:12:42 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

I had mentioned that I was waiting for a reply from the lists and never 
got ANY list mail until the day that I finally emailed Dag about my 
initial wiki page request.

The same has just happened on the CentOS-devel lists. I now know that I 
can find these messages online however so I have been able to respond to 
   people talking to me only because I see them on the website 
(lists.centos.org archives). I still have no email in my inbox for that 
mail list.

Why does it take so long (3/4 days) from account creation and 
confirmation email to the point you actually receive list mail?

Especially if you sign up to get a request made, which means that the 
request goes to the list days before you can recieve email from the 
list. You then miss all replies!

Seems like this causes issues. Right now, had I not seen responses on 
the website to a request I made on the other list, I would have been 
again sending that list with unneeded messages asking for a response 
that I have already been given but that "I" never received in my inbox.

Is anybody aware of this delay?
Is that normal?
If it is then is it posted anywhere that you should wait several days 
before sending questions to the list?

If it is posted, I missed that in both sign up processes (docs and 
devel) if so, which is  possible of course. :)