[CentOS-docs] Possible typo in "HowTos/Disk_Optimization"

Fri May 29 07:34:22 UTC 2009
Timothy Lee <timothy.ty.lee at gmail.com>

Dear all,

In "HowTos/Disk_Optimization", the calculated value of stride size and 
stripe width appears to have the "K" suffix incorrectly appended to 
them.  Eg:

    * (64K/4K) = 16K
    * (3*16K) = 48K
    * (16K+16K) = 32K

The values provided on the mkfs.ext3 command line however, do drop the 
"K" suffix.

I'm no expert on RAID, but the "K" suffixes do look a bit suspect.

Timothy Lee
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