[CentOS-docs] I would like to contribute to the Wiki

Thu Sep 29 13:49:35 UTC 2011
Madalin Grigore-Enescu <alopia at ymail.com>

I would be glad to work with Manuel Wolfshant on this.

Manuel, please let me know if you use any instant messenger client. Maybe that way we can communicate faster and better on this subject using our native language...

Also, after reading your answer, I want to add a note to your opinion about Romanian CentOS users not reading romanian translations: Most of the time, I use google to search for specific answers. I bet, more romanian wiki pages will add more results on google.ro searches, naturally driving up more readers in our native language. Of course I may be wrong.

By the other way, for me, translating the wiki will certainly improve my CentOS knowledge. I see this as a way both to learn for myself and doing something positive for the comunity in the same time.

I also have a proposal about the way we should write from now on:

I think we must use romanian diacritics like șțâăî in our translations. This is the correct way to write romanian. I see all the wiki pages are using UTF-8 character set so there will be no technical problems with that. Other from writing faster, i see no reason not to use our language specific diacritics.

Also if you agree with that Manuel my next step will be to translate the following page:




I am requesting the rights to create/edit that page.
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