[CentOS-mirror] Releases & Mirrors not able to sync with the master pool

Wed Oct 14 03:37:37 UTC 2009
Mathew S. McCarrell <mccarrms at gmail.com>

So, I have a few questions about the future of the CentOS mirror network
since the release of 5.4 is soon.

Is there any possibility that the rsync master pool will eventually have a
direct link to the Internet2 Network?  If not, is there any way for a mirror
(like mirror.clarkson.edu) to avoid the delay in syncing new releases like
5.4 prior to the bitflip?

I'm asking this because the Clarkson mirror was unable to sync the release
of 4.8 prior to the bitflip occurring since we are forced to sync with a
mirror that is on the Internet2 Network.  I would prefer to avoid delays in
being able to serve new releases, if possible.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

PS - It appears that someone
has posted something similar to an advertisement on the bottom of the CentOS
Mirroring HowTo page.

Mathew S. McCarrell
Clarkson University '10

mccarrms at gmail.com
mccarrms at clarkson.edu
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