[CentOS] MythTV on Centos 4 - Solved

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Thu Oct 6 15:56:06 UTC 2005

Kirk Bocek wrote:

> Finally got my PVR-350 IR problem solved. Turns out the error was 
> between the keyboard and chair...
> I was using a One-For-All UNC-8910 remote for testing instead of the 
> gray Hauppauge remote that came with the PVR-350. I *assumed* (always 
> a bad thing) that IR receiver would accept any signals and that they 
> would show up under the 'raw output' utilities like irrecord and 
> mode2... not so.
> Most of the default modes on the 8910 are *not* recognized by the 
> PVR-350 IR whatsoever. Once I started using the gray Hauppauge remote, 
> everything worked. It also works with the 8910 once I use the 
> 'learning mode' of the 8910 to program the Hauppauge codes.
> <sigh> One of these days I'll get that 'Do What I Want' button 
> installed...
> Kirk
Got some side questions.... Does this system have the ability to record 
HDTV? Does this system 'autoskip' commercials? This sounds like a great 
alternative to the $800 dvr/hdtv receivers which seems to now come with 
a $5 per month 'dvr fee'? Where does the $5 go? Why does it exist? Is 
this a way to appease the skipping of commercials or just another way to 
make money for the use of a signal you're already paying for? Anyway, 
I'm feeling like I'm being taken for a ride... HDTV is the future... why 
can they charge more for HDTV service at all? It is a federal 
'standard'. All broadcast some day will be in HDTV. Sorry... an off 
topic rant... but I'm looking for a cure to the dvr issue at the moment.

Thanks for any help.

John Hinton

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