[CentOS] 4.1 being dropped from mirrors

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Wed Oct 19 18:08:24 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 13:22 -0400, Lamar Owen wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 October 2005 13:06, Lance Davis wrote:
> > On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > > Read "CentOS 4.2" as "CentOS 4, quarterly update rollup 2".  I believe
> > > the use of a minor version number is a mistake for this reason, but that
> > > is the way CentOS does it.
> > maybe we should change it next time to 4u3 raher than 4.3 :)
> Well, I for one am not confused about it.  4u3, 4.3, same difference to my 
> mind.  But obviously there are people who do have some confusion over it.  I 
> guess it boils down to a simple choice: spend a few minutes making the 
> version numbers align with upstream (twiddling a few bits here and there) or 
> writing an article/page on why this is the way it's done that takes more 
> time, requires more work, uses more space, and still has to be referred to 
> every time someone asks this question.  It's all a matter of which is more 
> work to the people doing the work.  :-)  I don't care either way, as it's 
> just XOR'ing the release with 006B00. :-)

There is an FAQ concerning this ... and a readme

Here is the readme:

here is the FAQ:

And here is the Lifetime support FAQ for CentOS-4:

The bottom line (as several people have tried to explain) is that we
provide exactly what the upstream provider provides ... full EL 4
support until Feb 29, 2012 including all updates.

The minor number only signifies the update set (just like it is in
the /etc/redhat-release file upstream).

We provide much more in this respect than the upstream provider ... we
have network installable update sets, fully available trees for each
update set, and a vault that contains the old trees
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