[CentOS] nfsstat -m equivalent

Mark Belanger mark_belanger at ltx.com
Fri Sep 2 15:20:20 UTC 2005

Is there an equivalent command to nfsstat -m on Centos 3.4?

On solaris it reports statistics for each NFS mounted  file  system
/mount/point from host:/some/path
  Attr cache:    acregmin=3,acregmax=60,acdirmin=30,acdirmax=60

On a related topic, how can I make a Centos3.4 nfs server export the filesystem
with an rsize/wsize of 32K.

I believe the kernel supports it:
$ grep MAXBL /usr/src/linux-2.4.21-27.EL/include/linux/nfsd/const.h
#define NFSSVC_MAXBLKSIZE       (32*1024)

Although I'm confused by this similar file from the glibc-kernheaders package.
$ grep MAX /usr/include/linux/nfsd/const.h
#define NFSSVC_MAXVERS          3
#define NFSSVC_MAXBLKSIZE       (8*1024)


Mark Belanger
LTX Corporation

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