Fri Apr 7 22:15:20 UTC 2006
William Warren <hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com>

William L. Maltby wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 17:39 -0400, William Warren wrote:
>> Steve Huff wrote:
>>> On Apr 7, 2006, at 8:54 AM, Chris Peikert wrote:
>>>> While downloading almost all the guilds I came across a SELINUX Guide. 
>>>> Whats that for?
>>> dude.  seriously.
>>> http://www.google.com/search?q=selinux
>>> i'm not trying to be mean to you, but: when you have a question, your 
>>> <snip>
>>> -steve
>> it's replies like this that give Linux the bad, haughty name it has in 
>> the non-technical community.  The following responses warning against 
>> asking question lest you get ignored defeat the community approach Linux 
>> should have.
> William,
> You are catching the end of a long set of threads wherein a lot of help
> was offered along with good pointers to docs that would help the OP.
> AFAICT, he took no advantage and managed to garner a great deal of
> antipathy.
> Steve's answer was completely appropriate and mild, IMO. If you have any
> doubts, search for the OP's name in the archives.
If this is a continuation of another thread then maybe it's warranted. 
However answers like that still put a tarnish on Linux's image at a time 
when Linux is trying(in some areas) to make good inroads onto the 
desktop.  Some folks jsut don't get reading other 
instructions..especially when a large percentage of hte instructions are 
written in "geek".  While you or i may be able to follow those 
guides..most users simply can't.  These are the folks we should reach 
out to.  The technical Linux noobs can catch on quickly..but in order 
for linux tob e viable on the desktop we need to get the non-technical 
noobs as well.  Answers like the above threads simply don't do that.

That's just my .005.
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