[CentOS] Re: How Undo Yum Upgrade

John Thomas gmane-2006-01-01 at jt-socal.com
Sat Mar 4 12:32:45 UTC 2006

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> for the time being, i'd suggest you also look at the output of 'rpm -qa 
> --last' very carefully.
Attached is rpm -qa --last .  In case it is helpful, I sorted that 
output and compared it to the yum.log to see the differences.

> and the rpm --oldpackage option might come in handy - you should not 
> need to uninstall anything, just move the pkgs to be installed into a 
> new directory and then use something like 'rpm --oldpackage -uvh *.rpm'

This would be great.  I hope you are right.  My concern is the packages 
include python, yum, and rpm.

Following was my draft strategy prior to reading your message:

Not sure what to do with these:
	Installed: libbeecrypt6.i386 4.1.2-9.2_11.el4.at
	Installed: librpm4.3.i386 4.3.3-8_41.el4.at
	Installed: librpm4.4.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at
	Installed: python24.i386 2.4.1-2_8.el4.at

Uninstall first:
	Updated: libselinux-devel.i386 1.23.10-1.99_3.el4.at
	Installed: sqlite-devel.i386 3.2.2-1
	Updated: libxml2-devel.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at
	Installed: neon-devel.i386 0.24.7-5.99_2.el4.at
	Updated: rpm-devel.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at
	Installed: atrpms.noarch 67-1.at

	Updated: perl-XML-LibXML.i386 1.58-4.el4.at
	Installed: libxml2_2.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at
	Installed: pythonabi.i386 2.3.4-1.el4.at

Think okay to downgrade/reinstall:
	Updated: rpm-build.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at
	Updated: libselinux.i386 1.23.10-1.99_3.el4.at
	Updated: popt.i386 1.10.2-15.1_58.el4.at
	Updated: neon.i386 0.24.7-5.99_2.el4.at
	Updated: rpm.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at
	Updated: libxml2.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at
	Updated: libxml2-python.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at
	Updated: rpm-python.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at
	Updated: yum.i386 2.4.2-69.el4.at
	Erased: rpm-libs

Uninstall Last:
	Installed: libxml2-python24.i386 2.6.22-1_22.el4.at
	Installed: rpm-python24.i386 4.4.2-11_9.el4.at

RPMs from centos server 4.2 cd that seem relevant

> also, did you think about taking this issue up with the repository 
> maintainer ? These look like pkgs from atrpms - and Axel has been fairly 
> responsive recently to issues such as this.

It is most certainly my fault *not* his.  I had added a packed of his to 
includepkgs=  but removed it when I found it had too many dependencies, 
but I neglected to change enabled= back to 0.

-------------- next part --------------
rpm -qa --last (sorted, spaces added to match)	  yum.log (sorted, spaces added to match)
atrpms.noarch 67-1.at                             atrpms-67-1.at                                         
libbeecrypt6.i386 4.1.2-9.2_11.el4.at             libbeecrypt6-4.1.2-9.2_11.el4.at                       
librpm4.3.i386 4.3.3-8_41.el4.at                  librpm4.3-4.3.3-8_41.el4.at                            
librpm4.4.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at               librpm4.4-4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at                         
libselinux-devel.i386 1.23.10-1.99_3.el4.at       libselinux-devel-1.23.10-1.99_3.el4.at                 
libselinux.i386 1.23.10-1.99_3.el4.at             libxml2-2.6.22-1_21.el4.at                             
libxml2-devel.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at             libxml2-devel-2.6.22-1_21.el4.at                       
libxml2-python.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at            libxml2-python-2.6.22-1_21.el4.at                      
libxml2-python24.i386 2.6.22-1_22.el4.at          libxml2-python24-2.6.22-1_22.el4.at                    
libxml2.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at                                                                          
libxml2_2.i386 2.6.22-1_21.el4.at                 libxml2_2-2.6.22-1_21.el4.at                           
neon.i386 0.24.7-5.99_2.el4.at                    neon-0.24.7-5.99_2.el4.at                              
neon-devel.i386 0.24.7-5.99_2.el4.at              neon-devel-0.24.7-5.99_2.el4.at                        
perl-XML-LibXML.i386 1.58-4.el4.at                perl-XML-LibXML-1.58-4.el4.at                          
popt.i386 1.10.2-15.1_58.el4.at                   popt-1.10.2-15.1_58.el4.at                             
python24.i386 2.4.1-2_8.el4.at                    python24-2.4.1-2_8.el4.at                              
pythonabi.i386 2.3.4-1.el4.at                     pythonabi-2.3.4-1.el4.at                               
rpm-build.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at               rpm-build-4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at                         
rpm-devel.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at               rpm-devel-4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at                         
rpm-python.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at              rpm-python-4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at                        
rpm-python24.i386 4.4.2-11_9.el4.at               rpm-python24-4.4.2-11_9.el4.at                         
rpm.i386 4.4.2-15.1_58.el4.at                                                                            
sqlite-devel.i386 3.2.2-1                         sqlite-devel-3.2.2-1                                   
yum.i386 2.4.2-69.el4.at                          yum-2.4.2-69.el4.at                                    

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