[CentOS] Centosplus & CentOS Extras, Enlarge your tent

Jeff Kinz jkinz at kinz.org
Sun Mar 12 16:57:14 UTC 2006

On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 10:09:07PM +0530, Sanjay Arora wrote:
> What I'd like to see in Centosplus is a rpm of Xen, that is stable and
> pre-tested with Centos and seamlessly changes the Centos
> Server/Workstation. 
Yes, this would be really nice.

> In addition, I believe its time when Centos has a wiki which shows
> less experienced users like me, how to do something, posted by those
> who have attempted and done something with centos. Each of these wiki
> threads could end up becoming centos how-tos. Topics could range from
> installing Xen, GFS, hardening security, doing minimal installs,
> installing asterisk or other voip, plone, drupal or other CMS or blogs
> or even installing codecs for audio-video that don't come
> pre-installed.

A Centos-Enterprise oriented wiki is a great idea.  We need a place
to host it. Does Centos.org have the resources to add this to their
site?  (= extra storage, Bandwidth, time to install and administer
or willingness to let others on their server to do same?)

Its a lot too ask, but if Centos.org is willing, then great.

Donovan, what do you think?

Or are there any other community members who could host a wiki?

It doesn't have to be a wiki per se. Any mechanism that allows
contributors to add pages to a web site (even via email) would be 
a useful tool.  Static html is fine (and may even be best.)

> In the enterprise, there's always a repungence to trying something
> untested or rather on your own, especially like less experienced
> users, especially those with shoe-string budget. The reassurance of
> walking on a well-trodden path with road-signs given to you, is a
> great plus in deciding to do something with Centos.

> milage may vary! I think Centos community leaders should look a little
> in this issue & debate and then maybe implement something around these
> lines. Enablement of Enterprise Applications around the stable Centos
> Core shuld be the path ahead.

I would guess the Centos leaders already have full plates just keeping the
Centos distribution going.  Perhaps we community members need to step up
to the plate to create this.  

I can volunteer some time to install and administer a wiki.
Mediawiki is a very powerful wiki system.  Its the one Wikipedia uses
but its slow and very resource intensive.  If we have to run a wiki
we should run one that is lighter.

> Just my two rupees worth ;-) I belong to India, so can't give in US cents ;-)

I'll take it! 2 INR for  $0.02 USD is a great exchange rate.  :-)

Jeff Kinz, Emergent Research, Hudson, MA.
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