[CentOS] Not able to install Centos 4.2

Barry L. Kline blkline at attglobal.net
Tue Mar 28 15:18:07 UTC 2006

Ravi Kumar. wrote:

>   I have  tried installing both 32 bit & 64 bit versions of Centos 4.2.
>  Each  of  them gave the same message.

I'd try a couple of things.

First, is the BIOS on that motherboard current?  I have had problems 
before with devices not being recognized that were fixed when I updated 
to the latest BIOS.

Second, I have a vague memory of reading some kind of problem with 
Seagate SATA drives.  You might try googling a bit to see if anything 
comes up. I'd try installing from CentOS 4.3, as that will have the most 
current versions of drivers & software.


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