[CentOS] Re: PHP 5.1 rpm

Jim Perrin jperrin at gmail.com
Mon May 1 15:44:46 UTC 2006

> I too would echo requests for CentOS to have stuff
> like php 5.1 perhaps in the contrib section to reduce
> duplication of efforts.

Short answer. No. php 5.x is in centosplus, and that's where it should
stay. Placing various versions of php in multiple repositories will
only cause confusion and potentially break updates. When the php5
maintainer considers 5.1.x stable enough to be put into centosplus it
will happen. This has come up in discussion on irc before, and the
results are always the same. I do not want to sacrifice stability for
new software, and in my opinion, Ignacio is doing the right thing by
waiting. php 5.1.2 is the first version of 5.1.x I'd consider remotely
fit for production use, and it's only been out since mid-january.

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