[CentOS] NTP

Robert kerplop at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 24 17:13:01 UTC 2006

Sam Drinkard wrote:


> Will,
>    Everything has worked correctly in the past, and I have not made 
> any changes to the config files, nor dns, which is not a caching 
> server.  A little bit more info.. somehow, the machine on which I'm 
> having this issue is i386, where the machine here at home is x86-64.  
> It works as advertized.  I copied all the config files over and 
> deleted the first entry from the hosts, which on the local machine 
> pointed to the remote machine.  Other than that, they both are 
> identical now.  If, when executing either command, I enter "host 
> vortex.wa4phy.net" then I get normal behavior.  Somehow, it is not 
> setting the default host, or a default host.  I'm totally at a loss to 
> explain unless there are some diffs between the two arch's.
> Sam
Sam, just for grins, why don't you try replacing host names with IP 
addresses in your /etc/ntp.conf  (after copying the original somewhere 
safe!), issue a
#service ntpd restart
and see what that does.  
Another thought:  If you have a single-core processor accidentally 
running an smp kernel, ntpd will never stabilize.  At least, that's the 
way it works on this AMD Athlon I'm using right now.

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