[CentOS] RAID performance design? /home and os

Wed Jan 24 12:16:58 UTC 2007
Christian Nygaard <christiannygaard at gmail.com>

I'm considering how to design a new file server with a 3ware 9650se RAID
controller. How much
would you estimate the impact to be on sharing /home and the operating
system on one raid 6 set?
/home is mostly read only accesses with a ratio 10:1 read/write. I'm a
little bit concerned that the log writes
in /var/log could impact read performance on /home causing disk head
movements or that a little/non issue with
modern Raid controllers?

What would give best performance
Scenario 1
8*500G Raid 6 /home and operating system

Scenario 2
6*500GB Raid 6 /home
2*250GB Raid 1 operating system

Looking for feedback
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