[CentOS] Re: SMP motherboard not recognized

gen2 gen2 at planetofidiots.com
Wed Jul 11 22:30:02 UTC 2007

Jim Perrin wrote:

> I've got 4 x345's here at the office running Centos4 with smp just
> fine, however it did require an update of the scsi controller
> firmware, and the bios to get things to work right.

Great to know it will ultimately work, thanks. I'm up to current bios 
now, and the "SMP mainboard not recognized" has been replaced with 
"Found 1 CPU" (or something similar). So definitely progress, but still 
not there yet.

BIOS settings look proper, still seeing 4 cores on gentoo-cd, HT is 
active. Tried acpi=ht again and it locks up before the kernel launches.

Me baffled! Thanks for the help so far, getin there.

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