[CentOS] NIS problems after installation

Steve Strong strong at crwash.org
Tue Jul 17 07:12:28 UTC 2007

Clint Dilks wrote:
> Steve Strong wrote:
>> so, i just installed CentOS on our server and set up NIS using the 
>> same configuration as on our other server, but the clients' ypbind 
>> services complain that although they can find the correct server, the 
>> server does not respond to requests.
>> to debug this, i've:
>>    *    pinged the server using its ip and it's name
>>    *    ssh'ed to the server using it's ip and name
>>    *    ftp'd to the server using its ip and name
>>    *    used dig to get the server's address from itself (dig @stretch
>>      stretch.washcslab.org
>>    *    checked to see that nfs and ypserv are running
>>    *    checked to see if stretch could bind to it's own nis server
>> and all of these were successful.  so, I also:
>>    * run ypserv (on the server) and ypbind (on the server) both in
>>      debug mode and gotten no errors
>>    * run ypserv (on the server) and ypbind (on the CLIENT) both in
>>      debug mode and gotten no errors
>> any help with this really gnarly bug would be greatly appreciated!
>> steve
> Hi,
> Are you running with Security Enhanced Linux Enabled or Disabled ?   
> If so try disabling it at least temporarily.  Some people will say set 
> to permissive mode rather than disable, but specifically for NIS I 
> have seen different behaviour between permissive and disabled.  If 
> this works others may be able to assist you with getting SE Linux 
> worknig with NIS.
> Are you running a Firewall ?
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i'm running a firewall, but selinux is disabled.  what should i look for 
in the firewall?

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