[CentOS] Complex sendmail alias handling

Wed Mar 28 19:38:06 UTC 2007
Hugh E Cruickshank <hugh at forsoft.com>

From: Les Mikesell Sent: March 28, 2007 12:07
> You can't get much easier than files containing a list of the right 
> delivery addresses for each time period and a cron job that copies the 
> right file to the one :included: by a sendmail alias at each
> transition.
> Did you try that approach yet?  But for ongoing things you lose the 
> ability to easily see what the previous shift did unless they 
> reply/forward a copy of anything still needing work.

I agree that this approach is fairly straight forward and I have not
tried it. However our current approach (concatenating files to create
a new alias file) is about the same in complexity. The difficulty
arises from determining the contents of those files.

For now we are going keep the current three sets of files (weekday 08-16,
weekend day 08-16 and evening 16-08) and I will start the "selling" job
on a Ticketing system (the long term solution).

Thanks for your comments.

Regards, Hugh

Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, www.forward-software.com