[CentOS] Mail Restrictions with sendmail

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Mon Sep 3 07:55:36 UTC 2007

> Now, I can find some files @ /etc/mail
> below are files.
> mimedefang-filter
> sa-mimedefang.cf <http://sa-mimedefang.cf>
> sa-mimedefang.cf.example
> I first want to block Bcc and limit Cc to about 5 users. I googled a 
> lot. But, I am still not be able to achieve this task.
> will I have to edit /etc/mail/mimedefang-filter to block Bcc and to 
> limit Cc .
> Have you done it?

Sorry, i run postfix + clamav-milter + spamass-milter.

Please ask Les, the sendmail and mimedefang guru. All I can say is that 
from what I understand of Les' comments, you can modify the perl code of 
mimedefang to do what you want.

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