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Tony Placilla aplacil1 at jhuadig.admin.jhu.edu
Tue Dec 30 15:32:52 UTC 2008

>>> On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at  7:24 PM, in message
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>> I agree in general with most every opinion. Especially Davide's comment 
> above. Very good analogy
>> Open Solaris may be your best choice.
>> I would suggest you do pay attention to Solaris itself. It's free (as in 
> beer) from Sun & it works.
> Except for patches unless you want to browse Sun's website regularly to 
> download them.
> You also get more hardware support on OpenSolaris and support from Sun 
> for OpenSolaris but I suppose the latter option is probably better done 
> with Solaris 10 + support which includes access to patch management. 
> Unless you like the way things are done over here in Linux land which is 
> one tool to manage them all and not one tool to install packages and 
> another tool to install patches to packages.


Only the OP knows the criticality of his data & whether or not he needs support & at what level.

The root answer is that if he wants to use ZFS (which is a *good* choice) he should use some flavor of Solaris

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