[CentOS] Re: [Ntop-misc] PF_RING crashed the CentOS5 - BUG: soft lockup - CPU#7

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Jul 29 17:29:20 UTC 2008

on 7-29-2008 9:48 AM Ian jonhson spake the following:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 3:25 PM, Luca Deri <deri-Q5Vr9lIqpUA at public.gmane.org> wrote:
>> Ian
>> from the trace below I don't see an error related to PF_RING but a
>> soft-lockup (see below).
>> I have tested PF_RING on 2.6.24 and .26 and have not experienced the problem
>> you reported.
> hmm...  I have restarted the operating system with CentOS's original kernel and
> done again my experiments. I found that bug has not occurred again.
> I don't know why. Maybe, the traditional libpcap has no provided
> enough capability
> like PF_RING. Or, perhapse something wrong is indeed in patched kernel or Dell
> hardware drivers.
> BTW, could you tell me what OS distribution you used in your testing PF_RING,
> RedHat AS4 or Others? And what kernel source codes are downloaded, from
> vendor's websites or www.kernel.org?
> I very thank you if you can recommend what OS distribution and what
> kernel version
> are put together can achieve the maximal stability.
> Thank anybody!
> Ian
If you need a newer kernel to use that patch, I would recommend something that 
runs more cutting edge for that server, maybe Gentoo or Fedora 9. I don't 
recommend patching CentOS with a new kernel as you lose the main benefit for 
using an Enterprise distro .. stability.
I love CentOS, but no one distribution can be everything for everyone. That is 
why there are so many choices.

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