[CentOS] kernels and irc

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 5 16:02:30 UTC 2008

On Thursday 05 June 2008 16:54:08 James Bunnell wrote:
> you expect people to use OSS and be treated like crap? being treated
> like crap is the competitor's job.
It's no-one's job to be treated like crap.  Under any circumstance.

> > You're not going to find many volunteers who react well to being cursed
> > at or otherwise abused verbally.
> and you're not going to find too many people in business that want to
> ask a question and are blatently put off.

Having been in business before my retirement, I can assure you that I was 
never rude to anyone I contacted.  Under any circumstance.

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