[CentOS] Correctly setting up sound with Intel High Definition ICH7

John jses27 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 16:37:06 UTC 2008

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> Hi,
> Earlier this day I started a thread about Skype not working with 
> outgoing sound. Now I wonder if it's not a problem with my 
> soundcard. I 
> had a vague suspicion about this, but since it's way off the original 
> topic, I decided to start a new thread about this.
> Here's what the soundcard looks like:
> [root at grossebertha etc]# lspci | grep -i audio
> 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High 
> Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)
> Actually plain sound (output) works OK. I can use XMMS, 
> MPlayer, VLC and 
> the likes without any problem.
> On the other hand, when I try to record sound over the soundcard, the 
> result is quite fuzzy, full of distortions. I tried to fiddle with 
> alsamixer to get rid of the distortions, but to no avail. 
> Here's what I 
> did to record sound over the mic:
> $ arecord > ~/test.wav

This actually sounds like you have "EMI Interference" Electro Magnetic
Interference getting into your Mic Cable or maybe a bad mic or cable. Try
another mic if you have one or reroute the cable for the mic. Could also be
your sound card can't process the audio fast enough.


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