[CentOS] pop3 attack

Fri Mar 13 18:33:38 UTC 2009
Glenn <centos at 1bigadmin.biz>

At 02:05 PM 3/13/2009, you wrote:
>James Pifer wrote:
> >> The masquerading options are for a different purpose.
> >> I'm glad you got it sorted out.
> >>
> >
> >
> > Although I'm able to send mail to most people without a problem using
> > smarthost, I still have a few that bounce back with errors like:
> > Your message was rejected by mail.lance.com for the following reason:
> >
> >      Service unavailable; Client host [cdptpa-omtalb.mail.rr.com] 
> blocked by zen.spamhaus.org; http://www.spamhaus.org/query/bl?ip=
> >
> > I'm using the smarthost server that I should be using according 
> to the information:
> > define(`SMART_HOST',`smtp-server.carolina.rr.com')dnl
> >
> > Although I'm in a residential IP range, my connection is Business 
> Class, so sending smtp mail is not restricted (at least contractually).
> >
> > Why would I still have this problem if I'm using smarthost? Is 
> there a way to resolve it?
> >
>The problem has nothing to do with the Smart host server entry.
>Read the information in the URL above and contact your ISP.

Adding to that, Your ISP has a lot of zombied, sick clients on it. I 
find it hard to believe the number of zombied computers on the 
RoadRunner network trying to hit my mail server. Your upstream ISP 
server is letting a lot of junk through by lack of control by your 
ISP. Now, they've been black listed by spamhaus.org for that content.

Unfortunately you chose a bad ISP. Complain to them and/or threaten 
to take your business elsewhere, but their problem is so large, they 
probably can't even begin to put a dent in it now!