[CentOS] Help! i want to clone my Centos machine to another box..

ken gebser at mousecar.com
Thu Oct 22 08:49:21 UTC 2009

On 10/22/2009 04:06 AM RoLaNd RoLaNd wrote:
> Hello all,
> i've spent the last week trying to find something that will clone my
> existing Centos server to a more powerful box.
> i've used clonezilla though that resulted in a complete failure..
> can anyone please guide me in the right direction?
> all i want to do is to clone my entire server and all of it's
> directories to a more powerful server so i start using it instead..
> i dont want to get rid of the current server as i want both of them to
> run in parallel with the same backed up services/data on each of them..
> can anyone please help! im honestly desperate!!
> best,
> Roland

Since the destination machine is "more powerful", the hardware is likely
different, so cloning per se isn't an option.  Instead, you should do a
fresh install of the same version on the new (destination) box, then
copy the data over from the weaker to the destination machine.

There are a variety of options for copying the data.  Since it sounds
like there's some pressure at the moment, the best way for you now is
going to be the method you're most familiar with.  Do you have good,
recent backups of the source system?  If so, you could restore that
backup to the destination machine.  Otherwise (if your two machines are
both on the same network), you could use tar or rsync or yet other

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