[CentOS] DRBD,GFS2 and GNBD without all clustered cman stuff

Juergen Gotteswinter jg at internetx.de
Mon Mar 29 07:47:53 UTC 2010


yes, you need to go with the Cluster Stuff...

Regarding your Setup, i got the best experience with drbd + gfs + iscsi
export. GNBD was not as Stable than i expected. Overall Performance was
even worse, too compared with iSCSI.



On 03/27/2010 05:39 PM, Raffaele Camarda wrote:
> Hi all,
> Where i want to arrive:
> 1) having two storage server replicating partition with DRBD
> 2) exporting via GNBD from the primary server the drbd with GFS2
> 3) inporting the GNBD on some nodes and mount it with GFS2
> Assuming no logical error are done in the last points logic this is the
> situation:
> Server 1: LogVol09, DRDB configured as /dev/drbd0 replicated to Server 2.
> DRBD seems to work perfect as cat /proc/drbd
> Server 2: LogVol09, Secondary for /dev/drbd, cat /proc/drbd is ok
> What i thought to do was to export via GNBD the /dev/drbd0 to import it on a
> couple of nodes. Using GFS2 as FS for concurrent usage.
> I got to format the GFS2 FS on the Server 1 drbd0 device. But was unable to
> mount it because gfs_controld wasn't accepting connections, i discovered
> that cman manage gfs_controld. In any case i started it manually and
> discover that it try to use ccsd daemon which i have not installed.
> Ok, i do not need to mount it locally so i started configuring GNBD, started
> manualli the server end stated the export command...again the cman/ccsd
> problem:
> gnbd_clusterd: ERROR cannot join cman
> Now, what i'm asking: am i forced to use all the cluster stuff cman,
> ccsd...fence...with this configuration? I would like only to use the tools i
> need: DRDB, GNBD and GFS2 without cluster facilities.
> Thanks
> Raffaele
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